A good corporate executive understands that earning is never the end of learning. Especially in this digital landscape where innovations continue to push and shake the economy at the local and international levels, introducing many start-ups to the market.

 However, the rapidness associated with the digital age often leaves little room for learning. Moreover, many entrepreneurs may not come from an economics background and are thus unaware of the best business practices needed to run their start-up successfully. Thus the need for a business coach in Broomfield.

Coaching – The KTG Mindset

We utilize a system known as KTG. It stands for Keizoku-tekina gakushū, which means continuous learning. A mix of software and coaching allows our clients to reach new heights at unprecedented speeds healthily. Everyone can use a partnership that brings value to your life and company. Coaching across all industries from Agriculture to Large Manufacturing to Start-Ups. Even including other Business Coaches.

KTG is a rapid growth tool that encompasses; project management, huddles, and scientific thinking to create a culture that constantly learns and adapts as it builds a robust foundation for growth. It does this by bringing in the visions, and ideas of everyone partaking and teaches them how to identify the root problem, and how to respond. Making everyone work together towards a singular vision, to ensure that success and improvements occur at a faster rate than ever before.

The services for KTG are at least weekly coaching around continuous improvement with a focus on root problem analysis and identifying the optimal solutions. The first step is to flesh out what the company’s ideal future looks like, and establishing where everything is currently. Think where is there room for improvement? Rather than building out the five-year plan, it focuses on the most prevalent needs for the next one to three weeks. Short term goals allow for learning and adjusting so that the company always moves forward towards its ideal state. The most crucial step is to learn how to determine the exact obstacles preventing you from being at your three-week goal now. By identifying the correct obstacles, and objectively look for the best solution, you create S.M.A.R.T. actions. S.M.A.R.T. actions are any experiment that is specific, measurable, accountable, relevant, and timely. The key is to learn as much as possible, then proceed to continue experimenting until you surpass the desired state.

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